Hey, My name is Ikram

As a former commuter student, I did not get the “home” feeling that everyone raved about, that the reps kept shouting during welcome week and that other first years were eager about. At first, I associated home with being in close proximity of the school, I associated it with being involved and I associated it with how many friends I was able to make my first year.

I am in my fourth year now and it is interesting looking back at my definition of home and seeing how its changed as a result of integrating myself into McMasters community, I am now running for MSU President. This campaign is meant to project the voices that have already been speaking. #FillTheGaps is a platform surrounded and established by the diverse experiences on campus, from different levels of student life.

Collectively, we are creating a movement to bring communities together and help #FillTheGaps.

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Platform Highlights

Some of these ideas are gonna blow your mind

Tax Free Tuesdays

On Tuesdays students will be able to get food from hospitality services all over campus, tax free.

More Outlets

Time for students to plug in and have more effective study/work spaces on campus.

Program Based OSAP Funding

The disparity that exists in funding for tuition based on programs is a pressing issue that needs to be solved.

Extended GO Bus Hours

The MSU will partner with Metrolinx to extend GO Bus services at McMaster so that students are able to stay on campus later without the worry of missing their ride home.

Supporting Student Accessibility Services

Raising outreach and awareness through promoting and incentivizing SAS Note-Taking volunteers.

More Group Study Space

Students will be able to book out MUSC rooms from 7pm-12am through the MSU for themselves as a quiet study space or for group work/study throughout the year.

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Check out the rest of the team by following our #FillTheGaps on social media
For more information about the MSU Elections check out: https://www.msumcmaster.ca/elections